How would I go about connecting to the fon after I get the cable working? You can tell if you have one which needs feeding voltage on v-out by metering the wires after you have chopped them. I would image a future Sanguino design in SMT would have the usb chip already mounted. You can also use the TLL cable as a direct chip programmer. The serial presentation to mobile phones is TTL, so no level shifting is necessary to connect to the Sanguino. Pin 22 to the red led through a ohm resistor to Vdc. Once you know which pins they go to google the pinouts for your phones connector you know what each colour coded wire does.

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USB Serial support registered for ark [ How To… Let dku 5 cable knowledge lives. Or is that impossible? You must go usb uart dku 5 the windows device manager and disable the device ‘USB Data Cable’ under ports and then re-enable it. Guys By far the cheapest way to make a USB to Serial cable is to buy in the cheapest USB mobile phone data cable that will do the job and crop off the phone end.

usb uart dku 5

How Can you Make a USB to TTL cable for Sanguino?

Thanks for the help. I’m informatic and i can tell you that i have tried a lot of things. Kart mean it doesn’t exist or can’t be done. Usb uart dku 5 have the CA for nokia but it says it can’t find a driver for it. Just on my way to the local market to see what I can find. I am glad it is working for you.

I know, could not burn a boot loader because a scratched trace on my extruder board eku kept the Arduino software issuing a -rc error. See Also USB 2.


I think the problem was in drivers as when i downloaded and installed the drivers for the original picaxe USB to serial hub from picaxe website and somehow it started working! Please provide more detail info like the brandname of the chip and link to the driver, then I’ll inform HC-no-i add it to the guide. But I usb uart dku 5 theres a way to do the trick without a driver, just mess with some code and have the program run with the cable i find.

Pin 22 to the red led usb uart dku 5 a ohm resistor to Vdc. Disconnecting and reconnecting usually solves the problem though. I am looking at this as well at the moment and hope to get to a local market and see what I can find at the weekend.


July 07, January 24, Not sure what the error means. I use blue and red LED’s to differentiate.

March 17, Who could solve this? September 09, One more question, how can usb uart dku 5 check to see what a given cable’s message is when plugged in. I think the problem was in drivers as when i dku 5 cable and installed duk drivers for the original picaxe USB to serial hub from picaxe website and somehow it started working!

From reading about this on the Sanguino site, I thought this was an “expensive SMC component” which would be difficult for people to uarh Click here to login.

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Apparently the CA42’s don’t have this variability the ones with the blue ends but I hve’nt tested this as I dont have any of these cables. Why don’t you join us today! Nokia ones look to be doable and I have seen articles in electronics magazines usb uart dku 5 this. I’ve searched uarr google about CA but not found the answer thanks.