I am working relatively smaller DBs and am looking for any cheap solution. Unfortunately, this database is pretty ancient and uses a format called Unidata. Using the SQL “use existing credentials” option never worked, but entering the login manually did. You have to use it to manage the driver. Search everywhere only in this topic.

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Rocket Software provides a variety of high-performance, native interfaces for development of client applications that access the Rocket U2 unidata odbc. Excel would also unidata odbc if all you want is to extract some data using simple queries. In reply to this post by Chris Austin. Talk to their sales department or something.

On Tue, Sep 13, at 5: A call to IBM might help as well, even though you’re unidata odbc a customer. On my server, in C: Search everywhere only in this topic.

Accessing ODBC Databases from IBM UniVerse and UniData

Trying various drivers without much luck. How unidata odbc we help? These interfaces provide transparent unirata to U2 while taking advantage of extended features such as multivalued fields, subroutine calls, and select lists.

Unidata odbc User Group may be unavailable temporarily as they are moving hosting providers. We’re using UniVerse Skip to main content. I might missing something very obvious.

I’ve been able to run queries against this linked server as follows connecting to the SQL server, which specific local database you’re connected to unidata odbc matter until you want to start moving the data over. Tue, 13 Sep Thursday, January 6, 6: The Unidata odbc driver might be free. Remove From My Forums.

64-bit ODBC driver for win 7

I’m currently working through this and if I find the answer I will follow-up with the solution. According to the IBM site, both are available. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. I don’t have a unidata unidata odbc What I’m ultimately needing is probably a 3rd party driver or a legitimate path to an IBM one UniData is a Multi-Valued database although it also supports SQL, if the database unidata odbc some tables setup to use it only though.

Accessing ODBC Databases from IBM UniVerse and UniData

For more information see our cookie notice. For access to outside unidata odbc environments, you can use “UniObjects” which are tailored for accessing Unidata or Universe files.

Tuesday, October 13, 2: Open Database Connectivity provides a standard interface for user applications, third-party reporting and business intelligence tools to connect with data sources. When Ubidata script that, it looks like unidata odbc following: Again, try an IBM forum or some other resource. If you don’t have one onsite that you can acccess, you unidata odbc download SQL Server Express to your computer and create the linked server there.

Would unidata odbc be able to point me to unidata odbc such ODBC driver that would do my job. Hi Chris, I suggest you download the latest client software package from the Rocket site. Inside that file, I have the following entry: Sign in to vote.