I’m not overclocking it or anything else. Only the PC surround system works. The card is also a low-end GPU, so you wouldn’t expect bells and whistles. The video displays fine on the TV but the audio isn’t being passed. Each time that check box goes on and off, the monitor flickers.

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Still not working 2. If you have a sound system, you can just output the sound from the computer directly to that and let the DVI run video only.

Going along with the suspicion of drivers, have you geforxe them recently? Each time I start the TV, the monitor flickers between the normal image and black.

Problem with Geforce GT HDMI connection | TechPowerUp Forums

Even with all the disabled and hidden devices showing, it doesn’t show the Sony TV for audio output.

I removed the monitor and restarted the computer only with the HDMI plugged in.

Joined May 9500gt, Messages 10 0. Any help is greatly appreciated. Then it began to make one of these two problems: Joined Oct 1, Messages 2, 0.

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Thread starter Nasu Start date May 8, Might as well get a new card. If your card has HDMI on it then yes you can get audio through dvi to 9500tt adapter but if it doesn’t then no sorry you can’t.

Nvidia 9500gt hdmi drivers for windows 7, audio is not coming at all? please any

I have the following system configuration: Nasu New Member May 8, It’s not a cable problem. I have this configuration at the moment: Always good to try the simple stuff first.

You must log in or register to reply here. Richard 75 2 4 Actually DVI-I does support audio. But I did noticed another wired thing: Restart the computer with only the HDMI monitor in place. On another note, I just bought this video card an year ago.

HDMI Audio Driver Driver

The card is also a low-end GPU, so you wouldn’t expect bells and whistles. Post as a guest Name. Thanks for your fast response. Also, see if you get a signal to the TV without your monitor connected. Exact capabilities vary by video card specifications. Ok, today I’ve tried the following things: No matter what resolution I input, after clicking Apply it get’s back to hdni If your graphics card has an HDMI port, use that.