Compared this to 8 or 9 other drivers and this one definitely goes the straightest…. I bought the DYMO2 driver because i went to demo nike, ping, cleveland, and taylormade. Extra rear weighting in the heel and toe pulls the center of gravity back to increase launch and lower spin. If I Was King of Golf. Highly recommend this club, only problem is it sounds like a college baseball bat, but if I hit it like that again I want people to turn and see the shot! For a while, I was slicing badly, so I closed the club face by 2-degrees, with the easily adjustable setting — until I was able to work through some hand-position issues.

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Hate your own game!! Yeah, you heard me right: First off the lofts on the dymo drivers are off, take a look and compare to say an R9. I think Nike will be very happy with the reception this whole series gets.

The adjustment system is not only easy to use but also makes a difference to your drives which offers evidence that this new trend in club design is moving beyond simple gimmickry and beginning to offer golfers real options. Even teed lower a bit I had a hard time keeping the trajectory down.

To me the squared off head looks clumsy behind the ball although I can see how it could give more confidence to some players and I found the ball flight, in terms of penetration, and sound a little disappointing and overall the club seemed to lack a bit of feel and performance for a club at this end sqq the market. In other words, Nike’s latest square-like head is meant to produce straight shots.

Nike SQ Dymo2 Driver Review – Golfalot

I just picked up the I have hit the dymo at least 3 different times already this year, I am very squsred with the results this club gave me, good ball flight, great distance, and accuracy.

The Nike was so nice to hit, it felt comfortable when I was addressing the ball and swinging it also was very fluid! They designed a good club now maybe they might turn their attention to the headcover, but then again there are always aftermarket headcovers that will do the job nicely.

First of all I feel it sound like a tin can I wish it would sound more solid for the price I pay for…my distance is way short from my ex Big Bertha 10 degree….

My length is a great asset that, on one or two holes each round, turns into a liability. It provides visual and audible feedback when the clubhead is secured to the shaft—an arrow on the grip points left or right to indicate a closed or open face.

Nike SQ Dymo2 Driver Review

This is one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit. Looking forward to next season! All players can benefit from this technology and hit shots straighter and farther than ever. Next on my list is the Nike Vr irons with stiff flex shafts as well…. It is also very easy to hit a draw with the Dymo2 but it does make it a little harder th hit a fade the saft feels great also. I love it, but for me it takes a little while to get used to a new club. Higher lofts also have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle and a more upright lie angle to help you square the clubface at impact.

The ability to work the ball is highly aq.

I now understand why Tiger decided against putting it in his bag. Being somewhat of a newbie and a squarsd handicap duffer, I was looking for a driver that pretty much did the work for me.

Extra rear weighting in the heel and toe pulls the center of gravity back, to increase launch and lower spin. Ok, you say, what happened on the course? Write a Review Rate This Product: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Nike SQ Dymo 2 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 16 reviews –

More consistent ball flight and roll. The difference is great. Before this driver i was using the titleist D that was like 10 that a friend gave me.

Squardd, I am going to add something about this Nike Dymo Driver. My swing speed is and ball speed mph. Despite all that the ball still travelled a distance that was, if not awe inspiring, certainly not disheartening and although not every shot was dead straight the wayward shots certainly made more of an effort to dmo2 on line than some of my recent drives!

This could probably fixed with a different shaft which is why you should always get fitted.