Can you see anything wrong? Get the minolta zjstream drivers and unpack them. This should produce a list of printers available on the server, and each one’s respective status:. Make sure you select ” its connected to your network Network Printer ,” and select the correct network printer share. I need it badly. None Link to a FAQ.

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The source version is: Even though it claims to be supported, lknux will pull most of you hair out trying. You want clients to be able to print directly from lpr into your remote server. Only update the firmware if you have problems and you think the firmware update could solve them.

Konica Minolta Magicolor DL Drivers – Apple Community

A member of our local Linux User Group created a Ubuntu package out of the patched 1. I need it badly.

My printer does not wasnt to listen to the nwe driver! If you have the Gimp on the server, then before you print, make sure you click “Setup Printer Otherwise, cups will complain with: Konica themselves seem to provide a Linux driver for the Konoca magicolor DL.

To use the new printer driver you have to configure CUPS after driver installation. Related bugs Bug If you do not have kpnica dhcp server, you can set the printer’s IP address via the small LCD panel and the setup menu.

Hi John, sorry touched the konicw button. Please try to execute following command in a shell: Make sure it has the following information:. English Edit question Status: Because of this, you need to go to http: In case you forgot which printers are available on the server, or you don’t remember what they are called, try this:.


If you want to remove a package try using synaptic or following: An easy way is to use the the web interface at http: If you really want to create a new queue on the client, you can follow what was done on the server, except perhaps change the printer address to the server address.

Open up your printer settings by clicking on the “Setup Printer A lot of excellent work has been done so that you can print here from Linux.

At a guess I would suggest you file a bug against the foomatic-db package which contains the linuxprinting. There are a couple of little tricks to get this printer working under Linux. I am a newbie to Linux, particularly Ubuntu.

John K johnk-tomaatnet said on Or you give the 1. For latest version of this package and source code, please check Website http: I don’t remember the konicca, and I cannot seem to confirm this, but if my memory serves me right, it is impossible to use the Point-And-Print feature in Samba with this printer. ZjStream is just a way to communicate data across a cable.

Drivers & Download | Technical support – Konica Minolta

Frank, My printer does not wasnt to listen to the nwe driver! The tech support will not help you, and online documentation seems a little fuzzy and scattered regarding Linux, but once you know what is going on, it is pretty easy to get working.

Not tried it for the DL printer, but the process for installing alien printer worked for the the mw when I was using the previous version of Ubuntu.