There is a wireless switch on the left side of the unit which controls the WiFi accessibility of the computer, something that is handy for situations where power management is important. I like the keyboard. I doubt I could produce a ripple even if I stood on it. Volume gets pretty loud… a lot louder than I expected those little speakers to go. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The screen is bright but the coating, which is for the protection of the LCD and which is also designed to provide glare protection when used outside, distorts the image quite severely. There are two on the right and that is it.

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Visit our network of sites: Thanks so much for the fast reply and all of the info. Already have an account? The viewing angles are great… so great it is kind of worrisome.

Front view of the T If it is set at maximum volume, users may start to notice that the bass starts scannsr suffer as well as high pitched notes. It was quite accurate.

Windows Vista runs flawlessly on this tablet and I recommend that people who decide to invest in a Vista tablet invest in at least 2GB of RAM as well for much improved performance.

I am used to an 8lb beast, so it is nice to have this lightweight fujiteu. Fujitsu is a great company and it shows in the design and build of the T I would not fujitwu at all in recommending the T to users in search of a solid, robust and stylish Tablet PC. It also utilizes more screen estate, allows for viewing complete pages of documents, and gives users more room to write notes.

Offering both notebook and Tablet functionality, the Fujitsu T provides the best of both worlds.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Specs – CNET

The convertible Fujitsu T Tablet PC and notebook is a solid and powerful machine with essential tools, some good security features and a responsive interface. However, as a tablet, it’s a little bulky and can get reasonably warm when running in high-performance mode.

Ultimately this coating makes the image look noisy, similar to the way a poor-quality video might look. I just went down to the office and picked up the Fujitsu.

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220

The colors are rich and vibrant and movies like Terminator 2 look fabulous. To the right, there are five buttons and a master power button. I actually tried using the unit with the battery and discovered that, depending on the amount of usage, I was able to squeeze out 4 hours while using Adobe Photoshop and iTunes.

Secondly, look around the edge of the screen and you will see traces of the adhesive there are two films — one being the actual screen protector. One little topic that somewhat bothers me is the fact that the LCD panel located right under the screen which displays the battery meter, wireless feature, hard disk usage, etc.

If the function key is pressed on its own, a Fujitsu menu appears giving you quick access to features such as the Control Panel, screen settings, power settings, printing options and brightness settings, among others.

Since the circuitry is beneath the keyboard, one should be very careful with liquids near this Tablet PC I am mentioning this because there have been questions raised as to whether the keyboard or plastic covering is spill proof.

If you are in a car you may notice it jostling about a tiny bit. I also was told my the tech at Fujitsu to go into the BIOS setup and select to set at default values.

Walking around with the T is a breeze. The plastic cover and the keyboard itself are not in any way liquid proof. The only software I have installed is Office Enterprise and a couple of games.

WOW Thanks for the fast reply and info!

At first I wanted a gaming tablet that was lightweight, small and powerful. I believe this is so because of the plastic composite used in order to make the tablet as light as possible in the design coupled with the empty PC card slot right under and the heat generated from the unit itself.

This is not very important but, I personally would like to see when the hard disk is in use or glance to see if the Caps lock is on — something a bit difficult if I happen to be working in a scarcely lit room or area. As well as a fingerprint reader on the screen for access in Tablet modethe Fujitsu Lifebook T can use these four buttons for password protection during boot up.

The keys are white, so they will get dirty.