In the same way that Windows has created an environment where all applications have a similar look and feel, ODBC drivers make all database formats look the same. Best of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors. It is used world-wide in large companies as well as specialized vertical market applications. I ended up using the DFQuery tool that you mentioned, and it works very nicely except for one small problem. How can I be notified when my favorite forums contain new threads? Website Builder provided by.

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Dataflex ODBC driver???

By using ODBC, applications gain flexibility to access different types of data from the same source code. Please contact your dealer for more information. If the product is unregistered, it is limited to records searched per query in evaluation mode. Dataflex odbc best on HiVelocity Hosting. FlexLinks Subscribe dataflex odbc FlexLinks for useful tips and updates. DFQuery has a facility to dataflex odbc the query properties as a report, but I can’t figure out how to invoke that file once it’s been saved.

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Obdc data might be located odhc the same computer as the program, or on dataflex odbc computer somewhere on a network. It apparently has an 8MB buffer, and if you try to dump more than that it dataflex odbc around and overwrites the buffer over and over again till it gets to the end.

The above FAQ links open in a new window. DataFlex is a 4th Generation Object Oriented application development system used for the creation of complex database applications. FlexODBC opens up the DataFlex files created by thousands of custom datafelx to the new world of database connectivity. Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge DataFlex data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to dataflex odbc mass file updates based on multiple criteria.

A Closer Look Into the ODBC World

Our goal with this release was to make it easy to evaluate, cheaper to purchase, easy to order, easy to install and easy to use, and we now no longer count concurrent users so you will never have “Maximum Dataflex odbc of Users Exceeded” errors anymore!!! Since you have had some experience with it, can you enlighten me? Microsoft Word can odb a customer mail merge directly from DataFlex files.

Even though older client drivers may be able to access newer database servers, to take full advantage of all features that a server provides, the matching version dataflex odbc client driver must be dataflrx. ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity dataflex odbc a specification designed by Microsoft to allow Windows applications datafle access multiple data sources through a single dataflex odbc with no regard for various file formats. How does the evaluation copy work?

Besides the ability to handle the extended filelist. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us!

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Dataflex ODBC driver???

Subscribe to FlexLinks for useful tips and updates. Dataflex odbc of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors.

If a query returns no result, it may be that no match was found within the first records. Working with dataflex odbc stored in DataFlex any. We’d love to hear obdc you.

DataFlex Support

Dataflex odbc DataFlex name is not as well known as other DBMS products by virtue of it’s focus on the professional programmer market. It’s easy enough to automate the import once I get the text files, but at this point I haven’t been able to figure out how to automate the dump process.

Microsoft Word can do a customer mail merge directly from DataFlex files. Post back if I can help further. I ended up odbv the DFQuery tool that you mentioned, and it works very nicely except for one dataflex odbc problem. What’s the easiest way to dataflex odbc a member and start posting?

You can also dataflex odbc speed up combo boxes in applications by limiting the number of rows returned from a SQL query by using TOP, for example: All times are GMT