Dan Dar3 August 18, at 3: I hope this helps other people that are experiencing this problem! The funny thing is: Sorry for mispelling your name earlier. Same result for that. Hi all, I’m posting this message in English because this makes it easiear for me to post it in several forums.

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The funny thing is: Dan Dar3Sep 16, All specifications are subject to change without notice. Dan Dar3 January 21, at Show all devices 4: Alireza April 13, at 8: I can ask this on other forums, but rr2h I see is a lot of people reading the thread and nobody responding to it.

Asus R2h & Windows 8

Rudi Hendrix February 1, at 2: Thanks for all your help so far! Next to that I’ve installed the RC on my desktop at home and I found a new bug somewhere.

I’ll try to find the proper place where these bugs should be reported – I’m sure eventually it will get fixed in either W7 or WLM Maybe about 1mm left and low. Further I don’t do a lot in x, so I will not be running into this often.

Wow, that’s not a small company at all, my mistake.

Windows 7 looks very promising – Microsoft shaved off a couple hundred MB of memory usage – with file swap disabled not recommended for most users, you can try it until Windows starts complaining and Process Explorer the only user application, MB free out of 1.

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Thanks Dan Dar, downloaded the drivers.

Yeah I tried once one of those Aero enabler hacks and it locked W7 so I kinda gave up. Rudi I had a problem rating the computer performance too, it 2rh stuck asuus Windows Media Decoder, I thought it had something to do with the graphics driver, I’ll try with the standard VGA, see how it goes. Good one, keep us posted! Rudi Hendrix February 26, at 2: I’m hoping they have their internal communications arranged so that my questions and remarks end up at the right desk!

I was thinking that might cause a similar problem when resuming from standby, as Windows tries to reinitialize a device, probably one of the above Rudi Hendrix February 11, at 9: From the Device manager one shoud “Disable” the device.

I’ll try to remove Live Messenger again and reboot I’m really getting tired of this. Would you think the same amount of disk space is enough for Windows 7?

Rare ASUS R2H UMPC mini 2GB RAM Windows 7 Pro GPS 7″ WLan Pen | eBay

In my car I had E-mail access, latest updates on speedcams and streaming internet radio. It’s probably related to only having Aero Basic, not Aero Glass. If yes i test windows It’s not yet clear when W7 is going to release, when the beta aeus expire or whether there will be a beta 2 or not.

Ala March 17, at 9: The fingerprint reader is automatically installed!