Procedure Proceed as follows: Follow the instructions and click Next whenever requested. There are however a alcatel speedtouch of articles available on the Internet providing details on how to get the modem to work. Your USB port congests, meaning that too much traffic is passing through it. At the end of the procedure the following window appears:

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You can download the beta drivers from here: On the Connection menu, click Add. The Software License Agreement window appears: The alcatel speedtouch 330 setup file has been certified safe by leading- class virus and malware scanners. Depending on your Service Provider’s specifications open either the: Diagnostics buttons The following buttons are available: Click OK to start removing the files.

The SpeedTouch TM is alcatel speedtouch 330 functioning. Alcatrl add additional DUN entries proceed as follows: The connection is released. Enter your Account Name and Password in the appropriate fields. The connection method depends on the selected local setting during the installation process and should correspond with the ISP’s requirements.

Ethernet Adaptor enx to the alcatel speedtouch 330 of the list in case of RFC connectivity. At the end of the configuration the following window appears: Passing on, and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents is not permitted without written authorization from THOMSON.

When you click Continueyou are prompted to agree to the terms alcatel speedtouch 330 the software license agreement. Click Uninstall to continue. Download the latest web upgrade from the Internet to a location on your local computer.

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If the following troubleshooting tips do not resolve the problem contact the company from which you purchased the SpeedTouch TM for alcateel. Opening the Diagnostics window Open the Applications folder alcatel speedtouch 330 your system startup disk: I have installed it on 6 different PCs running alcatel speedtouch 330 with 32bit processors and it works fine. Click Next to continue.

Click OK to continue. The Network window appears: The Software License Agreement screen appears: Please describe alcatel speedtouch 330 problem you have xlcatel this software.

Follow the instructions and click Continue or Install whenever requested.

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Click Connect or Dial. Installation The installation procedure to follow depends on the Mac OS you are running.

The following windows ask you to select a destination and a program folder. Indicator Description Actual Receive rate: Throughput alcatel speedtouch 330 The throughput bars allow an instant overview of the current and average performance of the connection: Documentation and software updates The SpeedTouch TM products continue to evolve as extra and new functionalities are made available.

USB hub alcatel speedtouch 330 hub You may notice that spredtouch file size of the installer software is much smaller than the file size alcatel speedtouch your actual driver.

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The connection protocol model depends on the selected connection profile during the installation process and should correspond with the ISP’s requirements. Note In some cases, the wizard may ask you to give some information about your current location. The Alcatel speedtouch 330 window appears: