If only there were more 2-wheel models that incorporated more buttons I could have all my hotkeys at my fingertips! It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Select to View Large Image: My hand gets very sweaty,but the mouse doesn’t let it to slip.

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A4Tech WOP-35 driver download for Mouse page 1

Never thought about changing it nor if it will fail. Kind regards from Austria”.

The spring on the LMB is tired and the button sags, but functionality is not impaired. The dual wheel ideas is very brilliant and convenient to me and also this mouse is very accurate for computer drawing design.

WOP is a great mouse that is exactly what I needed for my application development. If you forgot to do this part, your driver may not be able to install correctly and successfully later – After the previous driver has been removed, open the downloaded file.

Download Mouse A4Tech (双飞燕) SWOP drivers and software.

Someday, I will buy another wop model from A4Tech. It’s for who works day and night. Sometimes, when I am working on other machine x4tech one-wheel mouse, my finger instinctive goes to second wheel position and then comes disappointment. I just got it today and within a few minutes I realized all the functions it has. I would be pleased to purchase products from you in the future and also to recommend your products to friends a4tch colleagues!

Welcome to

Noiseless Comfort Wheel iWheelWorks Program A4 Tech’s Exclusive Software, innovatively designed to customize virtually all mice functions, tailors just the perfect mouse for its user s. Syed Abbas Haider Date: Incredible invention by amazing guys.

Best one I’ve ever used. You really get addicted by those amazing side buttons! We recommend that you save it on your desktop, a4tehc it will be easy to find. If you want a VERY versitile a4tefh as for practicaly and it all you want,then if you are a gamer like I am then it’s everything you ask in a gaming mouse. I’ve gotten used to it so much, that I a4tecu my mouse around every time I have to work on some different computer. I’m working with 3D Studio MAX 6 and the side buttons have made my life a LOT easier – now I can zoom, pan and move around in the 3d workspace without even reaching for the keyboard!

Quite simply the most reliable mouse I have ever used. The ‘Back’ button makes all the difference when navigating web pages, and the dual scroll wheels are great for moving down the page. However, bear in mind that other platforms might be compatible as well, but we do not recommend applying any a4tfch on operating systems other than the highlighted ones.

Select to View Large Image: Copyright A4Tech Co. I surf in the Net without any problems.

I hope it will help me and make my work easier. This means you have installed the driver successfully. It is not very expensive although it have everything I need and more. Everday, it is being constantly clicked for about hours by me and my friends and still works perfect! I don’t know if you use customer statements in your marketing or advertising but I would be very happy to let others swopp how I appreciate your products and service. It is very comfortable and precise.

This mouse it great and its cheap to. To further expand its functionality, the vertical scrolling wheel was exclusively designed as a programmable button.

Dan’s Data “It works on pretty much any surface that isn’t translucent, transparent or reflective, and it never needs cleaning. It’s really very useful and amazing. You are my favourite company!